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Coronavirus Update

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

It is more important than ever, that Filling in the Blanks continue to serve the most vulnerable children in our communities.  The students enrolled in the Weekend Meal Program are the same students that received 80% of their nutrition from school provided breakfast and lunch services.  With school closures, the weekend meals have become even more vital, as many parents are unable to work creating financial stress on families.  FITB is coordinating daily with partner agencies, town governments and the local school districts to maintain stability in distribution and alleviate food insecurity. Last week, 83 Preschoolers at Room to Grow Nursery School were added to our weekly distribution, as the school was in dire need of food assistance.  Situations such as this will continue to arise as the crisis continues and we will be here to support those in need. Thank you to the commitment of our volunteers, supporters and employees during this uncertain time. xx Tina & Shawnee


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