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Families depend on us because we know we can depend on you

Consistently providing meals to those in need, unfortunately, means consistently fundraising. And like most nonprofits, now is the time when we receive a significant portion of the funds that will sustain programs throughout the coming year. Support from this community has not only sustained but pushed us forward from day one. Since the beginning of the weekend meal program, we’ve served 2.6 million meals to local children. In 2023 alone, the number of meals served is projected to be 1 million! And we aren’t slowing down. We’re closing in on serving 6,000 children weekly with another dozen schools waiting to come on board. And in addition to the long-standing weekend meal program, Filling in the Blanks also introduced school-based pantries and a bi-monthly mobile pantry providing fresh food options to serve the wider community.

With each step forward, we’re committing to sustaining operations at an entirely new level. What many may not realize is that our programs require purchasing over 99% of the food delivered, making support from donors all the more critical.

This holiday season, we’re asking supporters to keep the momentum going to ensure we deliver the same level of impact—and needed meals—in the year ahead. When you opt for a recurring donation, whether monthly or quarterly, you’re providing support that we—and the families we serve—can count on.


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