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Give The Gift of Literacy

Book Drive

For young children, the future of their academic success and development relies on early learning. This year Filling in the Blanks not only provided weekend bags for students but we began the first year of our reading program. Each week volunteers joined school administration to interact with the students and support early education.

To help continue our efforts we need to fill these kids libraries! Our volunteers read to the children weekly and their library is quite sparce.

Help us fill the school library for CLC Preschool with gently used books. Give the children the gift of literacy with your donation!

Children's Learning Centers of Fairfield County provides high quality, early childhood education programs for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. All children, regardless of background or financial need, experience an age-appropriate comprehensive curriculum delivered by highly trained teachers including on-site health care, nutrition and exercise programs.


When: June 18-22

Where: Drop off bin at 1 Wahackme Lane New Canaan


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