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Greenwich United Way awards grant to pay for summer meals for kids

GREENWICH — The Greenwich Public School district has partnered with the Greenwich United Way to help pay for meals distributed to students over the summer.

The Board of Education recently approved a $25,800 grant from the United Way to its Food Service Program to mitigate COVID-related food costs from summer 2020. The grant was secured through the work of the Greenwich Parent Teacher Advisory Council and covers about 20 percent of the district’s food costs.

“We are so grateful to our partners at PTAC who submitted this grant application on behalf of our GPS team and to the Greenwich United Way for providing funds that directly supported the students and families of our community,” Superintendent of Schools Toni Jones said in a statement.

“The pandemic has created financial, emotional and physical tolls for many of our community members, but by partnering with these incredible town agencies, we hoped to alleviate some of these pressures by committing to distribute an ample supply of healthy and nutritious foods for those that needed it,” Jones said.

Over the summer, Greenwich schools, PTAC, Filling in the Blanks, the Transportation Association of Greenwich, Cooperative Educational Services and the Greenwich United Way worked together to prepare and deliver meals to support families struggling with food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 1,000 meals per day were delivered to families during the week and on Fridays, shelf-stable food items were distributed to help families on weekends.

“PTA Council would like to express our gratitude to the Greenwich United Way for responding so quickly to the needs of the students of Greenwich, and the Greenwich Public School team for providing this critical support to the students and their families,” PTAC President Brian Peldunas said.

Through June 30, 2021, according to federal and state decisions, Greenwich is allowed to continue to provide free meals to all in-person students 18 years and younger in the public schools. The school district also provides free meals to remote students, delivered daily via regular bus routes.

The meals are made up of deli sandwiches, vegetable bites, whole or cut fruits, snacks and milk.

“The Greenwich United Way recognized that students who receive free and reduced lunch during the school day may not be receiving the food they need during the summer months,” said David Rabin, CEO of the Greenwich United Way. “Our grant was able to ensure that these families received food over the summer. GUW was proud to partner with a new grant recipient, PTAC, to help our most vulnerable families.”; @justinjpapp1; 203-842-2586


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