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Harnessing our instincts to give back and help others

While our passionate volunteers keep the wheels turning, our small yet mighty Filling in the Blanks team keeps it all on track. We’re thrilled to welcome several new additions who are

helping drive our work forward and expand capacity to keep Connecticut families healthy and fed. Help us welcome and get to know Luca Palombo as he steps into the role of Director of Operations, and Ryan Hanahran who joins us as Development Research Analyst. As we sat down to chat about what brought them to Filling in the Blanks, the theme that emerged was one of tapping into not only their own instincts to give back, but finding inspiration from our many volunteers doing the same. What are you most looking forward to as a Filling in the Blanks team member?

Luca: The ability to directly impact the lives of children who at times may feel short-changed by having less than their classmates. The food and snacks that we’re able to provide give them some sense of normalcy and belonging, even if it’s just a bottle of Fairlife [milk] or a Gogo squeeze. I hope that the bags that we provide are more than just nourishment for the body but also a security blanket for both the children and the parents in these uncertain times. Ryan: I am looking forward to this year and growing with Filling in the Blanks. Our mission of ending hunger and changing children’s lives in the local area inspires me to be my best everyday at work.

What inspired you to join the team?

Luca: I can personally relate to the less than ideal situations that some children may be in, through no fault of their own, and I wanted to be an instrument of change if at all possible.

Ryan: I have always believed that helping others is something that is innate to my being. Filling in the Blanks provides me with that opportunity and the ability to practice what I enjoy doing daily. This team is a hardworking group that will not stop until every kid in our area is no longer hungry and that is the type of driven people I enjoy being around.

What’s something unexpected that you learned since joining the team?

Luca: Even giving something away has its own unique set of challenges that my previous skills and experience in business did not fully prepare me for. What has really surprised me is the number of people willing to lend a hand and contribute, and that in itself is its own reward for me.

Ryan: Although Fairfield County is an affluent area, there are so many children that are still going hungry—1 out of every 6 children. Filling in the Blanks plays a critical role in our community, and its need is only increasing today.

Are you ready to give back?

Together we can make a real difference for children experiencing hunger in Connecticut. Visit to get involved today.

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