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Meet the Cooks!

Tell us, how did you hear about Filling in the Blanks?

My children’s school, Greenwich Country Day, is working with Filling in the Blanks and encouraging students (and parents!) to get involved and help out. Jen Donnalley runs the school's community service program, which provides our children with so many meaningful opportunities. (Sometimes she also includes parents and if I’m really lucky, my kids will LET me join!) Jen and the school have done an excellent job at making community service feel organic and letting the kids experience the positive ‘mojo’ that comes from giving back. It’s such a “win-win”.  

Why did FITB's mission resonate with you? What motivated you to get involved with FITB?

I love the idea of being to help people in my own backyard. So often, the charities I’ve been involved in are big and ‘inaccessible”. Filling in the Blanks is the exact opposite, which feels far more meaningful to me.

How important is it for you to get your kids involved? 

I think volunteering and giving back is so important, particularly for kids. It allows them to see the world through a different lens and hopefully, to develop empathy and a sense that they can make a difference. 

Why did your family pick to pack holiday backpacks for the Boys and Girls Club? 

The holidays are such a special time for our family, and we are fortunate to not have to worry about whether the kids will get gifts. So many people, right here in Greenwich, aren’t so lucky. So making these backpacks feels real and meaningful. We live a half a mile away from the Boys and Girls Club, and my children have been going there since they were toddlers. It’s such a great organization that helps local families, which makes this project even more special. 

What would you like to see in the future for your community/the areas that FIB serves? 

Local, tangible projects make so much sense for helping our kids to actually feel like they are making a difference. And it’s this feeling that helps kids want to participate, and want to continue participating as they get older. To me, the more tangible the project, the more effective it is at making community service an ongoing part of people’s lives. 


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