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Weekend Meals (with a side of encouragement)

When you were a kid, your mom probably left little love notes in your lunch box to brighten your day. At Filling in the Blanks, we try to bring that same sweet surprise to the thousands of students in Connecticut that we serve every weekend.

Thanks to our volunteers, our Weekend Meal Bags aren’t just filled with nutritious snacks and healthy meals, they also include encouraging notes. We know that when children are experiencing food insecurity, it brings on high levels of stress, and sometimes asking for help is tough. These kindness notes let them know that we’re proud to serve them every weekend and they have a supportive, reliable community rooting for them at Filling in the Blanks.

Want to get involved and write a note to our students? It’s easy, and a great activity for kids and adults alike! Just download the note template from our site and mail it back to us. We are always looking for volunteers and love to see how you’re helping your community. Tag us on Instagram @filling_blanks as you write your notes and you might get featured on our blog or social media!


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