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Why Your Employer Should Give Locally

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down in so many ways. From the devastating loss of family and friends, to the mental health toll of isolation and job loss, we have all been affected. For our Weekend Meal Program, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on fundraising and volunteering at a time when demand and food insecurity is skyrocketing. As the Director of Development at Filling in the Blanks, I face the challenge that the need for our program is growing rapidly at a time when all major in-person fundraising events are cancelled.

Despite all of these challenges, we have seen communities come together to choose hope and giving over despair. We have been able to keep Connecticut students fed thanks to local individuals who have rallied their employers and coworkers around the cause to help end childhood hunger.

More and more companies are realizing that giving at the local level has a bigger impact than giving to large national or international organizations. When you support your local community, the impact of those efforts are seen immediately. Corporate matching programs help rapidly improve the future of the town, city, or county in which you and your employees live and work. These children are our future businesspeople, teachers, doctors and researchers. When they aren’t feeling the distracting stress of hunger, they can fulfill their true potential. What could be more important?

Many companies would be surprised to learn that several children of their own employees may benefit from Filling in the Blanks’ Weekend Meal Program. Many people might think that hunger is only happening in far away places, but there are over 33,000 children in Fairfield County alone who are food insecure and need our help.

Prior to the pandemic, when Loxo Oncology at Lilly volunteered to help pack meal bags.

When you give back to your local community, it allows for human connection - something that is sorely missed right now. Companies and employees get involved with the cause and can begin a long term relationship with our nonprofit that benefits both sides. Equally important, donating locally raises awareness of important social issues and your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility – two things that make Connecticut even stronger.

It is easy to get your company involved, simply take the first step! Contact me, Cheryl Tierney, at and we can discuss ways to engage your employer or your employees to make a difference right here at home.


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