Jaden Lender’s Bar Mitzvah Project

Thank you so much for taking the time to support me in my mission. 

You are welcome to simply make a donation for the amount you choose and/or if you would like one of my pieces, the donation/cost is $25 which will go directly to this worthy organization.  Once you make a choice you will be prompted for contact and credit card information.

Simply click on the image and follow the prompt.

  • Spray paint offerings: Click on one of the images and I'll send you an original canvas on wooden frame size 11”x 14” similar to what you have have selected.

  • Sketches: Click on one of the images and I'd be happy to send you an 8.5”x 11” unframed print. 

  • Donation: If your walls are already full, and you just want to help support Filling in the Blanks in honor of my project, i'd be super grateful.