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Commit to the fight against hunger


Hunger rates ticked back up this year to the highest they’ve been since the onset of the pandemic. While families continue to feel the squeeze, we've continued to bring new solutions to the fight against hunger. 

In addition to expanding the weekend meal program, we launched five school-based pantries this year and distributed over 50,000 pounds of fresh food in the first month of operating a new mobile pantry.

Families count on us because we know we can count on you. Hunger is persistent, but together so are we.

Help us deliver the same level of impact—and critical meals—in the year ahead

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More Ways to Help

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Your business or employer can make a big difference in the lives of local children in Connecticut and New York. Check our employer match tool below to see if your employer will match your donation! Want to learn more about our founders and board? Visit our About page


If you would like to learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor with Filling in the Blanks, please contact

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