Filling in the Blanks fights childhood hunger by providing needy children with meals on the weekend.


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Filling in the Blanks fights childhood hunger by providing needy children with meals on the weekends.

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You can give your time! Many organizations, schools, families and individuals give their time to fill backpacks for children in need of meals on the weekends. Read more

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Filling in the Blanks Hosts Golf Outing to Raise Money and Awareness

It was a full day of golf, gourmet meals and scenic views at Filling in the Blanks’ Golf Outing on May…
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Filling in the Blanks: Great Strides

For the second year running, Filling in the Blanks and Mitchells teamed up for a good cause.
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“The Filling in the Blanks program has been a huge success in our school. The families that participate are very appreciative of the program and the healthy and balanced food provided. The faculty and staff of our building are so pleased to have this program in our building that they volunteer their time to help distribute the food to students’ lockers each week. With a growing number of families that need assistance to meet their daily needs, this program has helped provide for the students so they can come to school ready to learn. Thank you for all your work and your generosity that makes the program possible.”
C. Zbyněk Gold, Principal, Bedford Hills Elementary School

“The weekly food provided by Filling in the Blanks to over 100 very low-income youth — accessible food attractive to our middle schoolers — has changed their lives. Because their parents are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, our students are often on their own for their weekend meals. Filling in the Blanks’ food relieves some stress on working families, who have one less thing to worry about, and helps kids get the nutrition and energy they need to study and play. Our partnership has been transformational.”
Mike Duggan, Executive Director, Domus (Stamford, CT)