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Post “Unselfie” 

Post a selfie of you with any of our “unselfie” flyers describing how you give back, fight hunger or share our mission to fight childhood hunger.


*Click on image to download or share.

Ways To Get Social

Complete the Power of 5 Challenge and post and tag us. ​


The Power of 5 challenge-Practice 5 acts of kindness, donate $5.25 to Filling in the Blanks and nominate 5 other people to do the same.

Other Creative Ideas

  • Start a virtual donation page on Facebook Creative.  

  • We have had people make jewelry, prints, hats, cards, virtual bake sale, even put on a play in exchange for donations.

  • Ask an organization or your company to host a fundraiser, does your company have a matching donations program.

  • Write an article raising awareness about FITB.