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Corporate Partnership and Volunteering Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Updated: Jun 6

We aren’t just innovating new solutions to hunger, we’re innovating new ways to express your company values. Whether joining us at the warehouse, sponsoring a fundraiser, or bringing a packing event to your office, we’re happy to create a partnership opportunity that’s just right for your company and its employees to give back to the local community. Explore the ways corporate volunteerism and social responsibility can not only help employee engagement but customer satisfaction as well, then contact us to discuss your partnership options. 

Corporate volunteering boosts employee engagement

Employees who engage in corporate-sponsored volunteer opportunities can be as much as five times more engaged at work. Volunteering provides an additional sense of purpose and facilitates greater interaction with colleagues, both of which can boost morale and engagement.

“Our employees had a fantastic experience with Filling in the Blanks for a packing event. Filling in the Blanks’ reach and intentionality behind every step of the process is incredibly impressive.” Amanda Cowie Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing Digital Currency Group

Younger employees expect their employers to practice social responsibility 

81% of millennials—the largest segment of the workforce—believe companies have a responsibility to act as good citizens. Employees are looking to employers to reflect their values of social responsibility. 

"Our colleagues had so much fun, were super engaged and motivated by the fact that they were making a meaningful difference for students within our community." Esra Elshafey Associage Manager, Global Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Pitney Bowes

Consumers prefer socially conscious brands

See above. It’s not just employees looking to companies to act in a socially conscious way, but current and potential customers too! Corporate volunteering and other types of partnership are directly answering calls for social responsibility and community involvement.

Contact us to learn how to get started.


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