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DEANE Partners with Filling In The Blanks

Meet Pete Deane, a huge supporter of Filling in the Blanks and its mission to end childhood hunger

Pete, tell us a little bit about yourself. What has shaped you to be the person you are now?

I grew up in New Canaan, CT and went to public schools as a child. I went to the University of Delaware for college and currently live in New Canaan, CT with my wife and three children.

We'd love to hear a little bit more about DEANE, how did it all start and what are your future goals?

Our company was founded in 1961 by my grandfather. We know lots of families just like ours that grew up in our kitchens and who are now enjoying new DEANE rooms of their own. We’ve been doing this a long time and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Over the last few years we’ve gone beyond local projects in Connecticut, Westchester County and New York City to now doing projects for our clients’ second homes in places like Nantucket, Vermont, Kiawah Island and the Hamptons. Whatever the unique architectural style of your house, our goal is to create rooms that make the most of your special space and that are in sync with your family’s needs and wishes: rooms to love living in and living with.

How did you first get involved with Filling in the Blanks?

Tina Kramer is a DEANE client. I first learned about FIB from my son Mac who was part of the New Canaan Slobs and occasional participant in their ‘packing’ events at which point I reached out to Tina to learn more about FIB which lead to Team DEANE getting involved. It has been wonderful for my team to volunteer with Filling in the Blanks and we have been so impressed with the program Tina, Shawnee and FIB have brought to our community.

Why has supporting FIB been a passion of yours?

Sometimes it is up to local businesses to step in and support the organizations that are doing crucial work in our communities. We design beautiful rooms, and can’t help but be cognizant of the fact that very often there are children in our towns that come home to kitchens empty of food. I feel that it is our moral obligation to give back by helping support the groups that are doing such critical work.

What would you like to see in the future for your community/the areas that FIB serves?

Obviously we are not fooling ourselves to think we can solve the problem of childhood hunger on our own, but by setting an example through our commitment we hope to inspire other people to take action either through donations of their time, money or food and supplies. Filling In The Blanks has been able to expand the number of schools in their program and that means every year fewer children in our community don’t have to spend the weekend hungry and waiting for Monday so they can return to school for a meal. We applaud their work and wish them continued success in the future



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