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Meet Designer Jennifer Lau ♡

Next month, November 2018, Filling in the Blanks is hosting its first ever fashion show at Richards in Greenwich, Connecticut! This is FIB's first year having programs in Greenwich and to honor the expansion we felt it was only fitting to celebrate local. This fashion show will not only give the community an opportunity to learn who we are and what we do but to also meet other incredible individuals working hard to make an impact.

To accompany Filling in the Blanks we have invited designer Jennifer Lau, designer extraordinaire and philanthropist, to set up a trunk show at this November's Richards Fashion Show. We sat down with Jennifer to discuss her brand and how she feels about working along side FIB. Here's what she had to say:

"We are so excited to be included in the upcoming Filling in the Blanks event. Giving back is who we are. It's what drives us. Our mission is purpose-driven elegance. Designed to celebrate women who are inspiring, confident and compassionate. At Genevieve Lau, we create high-quality, unique, and accessible jewelry that is made in NYC. At least 25% of our profits is always given to charity.

One of our campaigns that we're most proud of is the LOVED movement. For every LOVED necklace sold, we donate a LOVED necklace to a woman with cancer. To date we have donated over 500 of them. Several years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. We were told that he got the "lucky cancer" since it was easily treated. Unfortunately, it is also a stubborn cancer. Doctors thought treatment would be 3-6 months and instead it turned in to two years of on and off treatment and a stem cell transplant. While sitting with my husband, Steve, I knew I had to do something for all the people receiving treatment. I started out by bringing meals, blankets, and gifts at the holidays. I wanted to do something even greater. I wanted people to truly feel supported and LOVED. So we started giving out LOVED necklaces and started the LOVED movement. As a designer, it is my favorite part- giving back. We are fortunate to have gotten to the other side. My husband and family (we are a family of seven with 5 kids ages 11-16) are better than ever. I'm in my dream job- designing jewelry for inspirational and confident women. I owe the universe so much and it is my pleasure to keep paying it forward.

All of our jewels are meant to be worn every day dressed up and down. Layering is encouraged! We've been told so many of our pieces have good vibes like the LOVED pieces and our hearts and clovers which also give back to children with cancer and children with heart defects. Like Mitchells and Richards' campaign, women "look good and feel wonderful" wearing our pieces. How rewarding is that as a designer?! xo"

Come celebrate our biggest year yet, shop Genevieve Lau's beautiful collection and see this seasons upcoming trends November 15th at Richards in Greenwich, Connecticut!


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