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Teeing Up A Successful Fundraiser

Teeing up a successful fundraiser with high school golfer Leo Simon

We’re only able to do all that we do because of the continued and enthusiastic support of our community. Over ten years later, and your generosity still takes us by surprise sometimes. This past summer, Leo Simon, a rising young golfer and high school junior, organized a successful golf tournament with which he raised over $20,000 in donations to Filling in the Blanks—enough to provide needed meals to 20 children for the entire year! We asked him to share any advice and encouragement for others who may be inspired to undertake their own grassroots efforts. Enjoy! "Ever since I first worked at the warehouse in March of 2023 I felt a strong desire to come back and volunteer again. Helping others who are less fortunate than I am is something I am passionate about, but also, volunteering at Filling in the Blanks was so enjoyable and fun! I came back with a few of my friends, and seeing a community of volunteers coming together to help the greater community made me want to get more involved in whatever way I could.

I shared the donation link of mine with many of my friends and family. I was persistent in sharing how amazing Filling in the Blanks is and why it would be such a great thing for people to donate to. I shared the event on social media and tried to discuss it as much as I could with friends and those involved in donating. As for my secret to success in raising money, it has nothing to do with me and all about the people who chose to donate. I just sent a link and did a little advertising, and I’m lucky enough to have friends and family who are supportive of what I strive to do and were generous enough to help in any way they could. That comes from them, not me.

My advice is to simply be enthusiastic about the cause you are raising money for, and Filling in the Blanks makes that really easy. Be enthusiastic about the fact that you were the one that took the initiative to host an event in the first place. As long as someone feels passionate for the cause they are raising money for, they have the capability of creating and hosting an amazing fundraiser."


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