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The State of Hunger in Connecticut

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Connecticut is an amazing place to live. From our beautiful towns & beaches, to great schools, and friendly neighbors. But Connecticut is also home to food insecurity.

DataHaven and Siena College Research Institute recently surveyed our neighbors from across the state – let’s dig into the findings!

  • Food insecurity has increased since the onset of COVID-19.

13% of respondents reported being food insecure before COVID-19. Two years after the pandemic began, 17% of respondents reported food insecurity. This year’s food insecurity rate is the highest according to DataHaven.

  • Food insecurity is higher in households with children.

In households with children, 23% reported being food insecure, whereas in households with no children, 14% reported being food insecure.

  • Inflation is impacting spending habits, especially in households with children.

Across the state, 68% of respondents reported inflation has moderately to largely impacted their spending habits, including food purchases. In households with children, that statistic rises to 73%.

Here at Filling in the Blanks, we too are seeing these price increases firsthand, when purchasing food for our Weekend Meal bags.

But, organizations like Filling in the Blanks are addressing hunger, right here in our communities, with programs like the Weekend Meal Program. We’re proud to provide meals to local kids through the weekend, so they can show up to school on Monday nourished and ready to learn!

If you’d like to support our work in the face of rising food insecurity and prices, consider making a donation to Filling in the Blanks! Help us expand to new schools and reach more kids than ever before.

Or donate your time and volunteer to help pack weekend meals. We have tons of opportunities for all ages.

We’re making a difference in the state of hunger right here in Connecticut–and we couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for your continued support 🧡💜


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